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Working from amazing places

Smartway villages
Working from amazing places

Everything tailored for workers … and not just for touristsWe select amazing places for memorable SMART WORKING stays.

Where to sleep

Only properties with high speed internet and suitable workstations.
Rooms | Apartments | Farmhouses.

What to do

Only selected services essential for working life… and personal too.
Restaurants | Rentals | Local experiences.

Guaranteed discount

At least 33% discount on stays lasting more than one week and special deals on services.

First reaction? SHOCK

The most visited facilities


PLATINUM internet connection

32 Listings

Only structures with at least 40Mbps in download and 20Mbps in upload.
Most of the times they are served by optical fiber and are located in historical centers.
They are ideal structures for those who use the network in a stressful way (ex. videocall) and carry out work sessions in several people at the same time.


GOLD internet connection

60 Listings

Only structures with at least 25Mbps in download without upload restrictions.
Typically they are in inaccessible areas and / or in the countryside.
They are ideal structures for those who do not have such stringent bandwidth needs and want to reap the maximum benefits from staying in smartworking in 100% rural contexts.


FREE STYLE internet connection

1 Listings

Unique, trendy, particular, absolutely niche spaces.
From case to case, the connection and comfort of the workstation must be evaluated, however memorable smartworking periods are guaranteed!
The structures selected in this category are NOT for everyone.

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