We generate a total impact of
1.34€ for every 1€
spent on Smartway offsite

We worked together with the University of Siena to quantify the social and economic impact of our model


  • Direct: Cash injected directly into local economy when client company purchases an offsite
  • Indirect: Cash generated to produce goods used by Smartway clients during offsites
  • Induced: Increase of salaries / occupation levels generating a further increase in local goods demand


Smartway as the promoter of a virtuous circle of experiences co-creation among:

  • local stakeholders (Town Angel, Hosts, Service Providers, Policy Makers)
  • guests (employees of Smartway client companies)


Smartway’s offering is focused on activating the productive sectors (hospitality, food, retail, cultural and entertainment services) with high ability to generate income, retail, cultural and entertainment services, with high capacity to generate added value and, consequently, further consumption capacity.

Smartway is extremely careful in identifying partners that are sensitive to the theme of sustainability, seeking to promote local products with short supply chains. This allows the company to actively monitor all the stakeholders involved and, at the same time same time, put itself forward as an engine of economic development of local areas.

Our model generates a total economic impact on local areas of
1.34€ per each 1€ spent on offsite solutions

“You can think of Smartway as a platform that enables the co-creation of experiences within the local area by connecting multiple stakeholders on both the supply and demand sides.”

The research team represented Smartway as a platform capable of creating a virtuous circle between Smartway’s clients and the stakeholders in the area who, “activated” by Smartway, create experiences strongly rooted in the traditions of the area.

This virtuous circuit of relationships is activated and enriched by both direct experiences (face to face) and online relationships, meaning that the network of potential relationships is activated and connects the local dimension with relationships even at a distance.

94% of people would be back in the villages because of the local bonding