What if you could travel for free?

Smartway  Jul 6 · 3 min read

Maybe we have some good news for you today. With Remote work becoming a reality to almost all of us, Smartway has made travelling for remote working from amazing locations available as a corporate benefit to many companies and employees through our partner platforms.

By booking a longer stay than you can usually squeeze in on a typical short holiday, Smartway customers have the unique opportunity to experience the local treasures of village life, working from scenic properties which are all equipped to give you appropriate conditions for remote working – and off course, making the most of their free time enjoying nature, cosy restaurants, wine tasting, the outdoors & sports activities and much more.

If your company gives you access to corporate benefits through AON, WU or Jointly, you can enjoy an extended vacation or a “workation” from a picturesque Italian village while spending no cash at all by booking it through your corporate benefits platform.

Bored of working from the same place every day? Feeling overwhelmed by the remote working routine in your flat in the city? Have a look at our accommodation options, book a visit through your corporate benefits platform spending nothing and de-stress the Dolce Vita way.

Smartway is a platform that provides unique visits to Dolce Vita towns out of the traditional touristic circuit, giving you the chance to live an authentic Italian village experience. When booking your stay with a SmartWay accommodation, our town angels in SmartWay Towns connect you to a curated list of experience providers carefully chosen by locals, offering you the best services and visitation tips and breaking the ice with the local community if you’re the sociable type 😉

Our coworking spaces in the Smartway Towns also provide teams with an opportunity to create unique remote working and team building experiences, focus on special projects or simply celebrate their achievements on the best style.