The Future of Work: Insights from Casavo’s team building experience in Santa Fiora


In an era where the concept of work and workplace is undergoing rapid transformations, companies are finding innovative ways to adapt and thrive. Casavo, a pioneering real estate tech company, is no exception. Their recent team-building offsite in the picturesque Italian town of Santa Fiora, organized by Smartway, provides a unique lens through which to view these changes. This event marks the first of a three-video series highlighting the evolving dynamics within Casavo’s marketing team and their collaboration with Smartway.
Today, we’re diving deep into the first episode featuring Gloria Trevisan, Casavo’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), who sheds light on their organizational changes, the rationale behind the offsite, and the future of work.

The catalyst for change

Over the past year, Casavo has seen significant shifts, not just in its business model but also within its organizational structure. “Casavo has changed its business model and with it, there have been evolutions from an organizational point of view, and the marketing team has been impacted by these changes” Gloria shared. One notable change was Gloria stepping into the role of CMO. These transformations underscored the need for the team to reconnect, not just to discuss business but to strengthen their bonds as a team and individuals. “For us, it was important to find each other, spend time together to discuss business but also to be together as a team and get to know each other better as people” Gloria emphasized.

Structuring for success

Casavo’s marketing team, a blend of ten individuals across Italy and France, showcases the company’s international footprint. With two local teams complemented by a performance marketing team and a brand team, Casavo’s structure is designed for agility and impact. This distribution not only highlights Casavo’s expansive vision but also its commitment to leveraging diverse perspectives and expertise in driving growth.

Choosing Smartway: A meeting of minds

The decision to partner with Smartway for their team-building offsite was driven by a shared ethos of innovation and technology. Casavo aims to revolutionize the traditional real estate model, making transactions simpler, more transparent, and advantageous for clients through technology. Similarly, Smartway’s approach to offsites, emphasizing ease of organization, technological integration, and engagement through gamification, resonated with Casavo. “We recognized a similar DNA between these two companies, and it seemed like a perfect match to organize this offsite with Smartway after so much time” Gloria remarked.

Embracing flexibility with a hint of tradition

Casavo’s working model is characterized by remarkable flexibility. The unlimited practice of smart working allows team members to tailor their schedules to personal needs. However, this freedom comes with its challenges. “At the same time, there’s also a desire to return to the offices, to spend moments together, because pushing smart working too much creates a certain distance between people” Gloria explained. Finding the right balance between remote work and office life represents a modern challenge that Casavo is keenly addressing.

Looking Ahead

Casavo’s experience in Santa Fiora, underpinned by Smartway’s innovative approach to team building, not only served as a catalyst for team cohesion but also as a testament to the evolving nature of work environments. As companies like Casavo navigate these changes, the integration of technology, flexibility, and the human touch becomes increasingly crucial.

Gloria’s insights provide a valuable perspective on the future of work, emphasizing the importance of adaptability, technology, and maintaining a sense of connection within teams.

As we await the next episodes in this series, it’s clear that the journey of adapting to the future of work is both challenging and exciting, with much to learn from companies like Casavo and their partnership with Smartway.

This exploration into Casavo’s team-building experience not only highlights the shifts in work dynamics but also underscores the importance of intentional team engagement and the role of technology in facilitating these connections. The balance between remote flexibility and the need for in-person interactions remains a central theme, one that will undoubtedly continue to shape the future of the workplace.

Stay tuned for more insights in our next post, as we delve deeper into the series and uncover more about social impact and the importance of small towns as an healthy enviroment for company looking for developing performance and bonding.