Silvia’s tale: Nocera Umbra for unique corporate retreats


SILVIA town angel of nocera umbra

In a world where innovation and corporate well-being play an increasingly crucial role, Smartway’s mission is clear: to enhance corporate teams through extraordinary offsites in Italy’s most enchanting villages.

This vision aims not only to strengthen team cohesion and productivity but also to generate a positive impact on the host territories, rediscovering and valuing the country’s hidden wonders.

At the heart of this transformative experience are the Town Angels, who not only support the team throughout the event but also serve as local guides opening the doors to their communities, and sharing traditions, culture, and unique places.

Silvia, the Town Angel of Nocera Umbra, offers us an insider’s view of how these offsite experiences are not just retreats, but true journeys into the heart of Italy.

Who is a Town Angel?

Silvia, with her creative background and deep connection to Nocera Umbra, perfectly embodies the role of a Town Angel.

“The Town Angel allows me to bridge, to be the key that allows all those who choose this country as their offsite destination to come directly into contact with the heart of the community”.

This figure represents constant on-site support, a local who knows people, traditions, and unique places, making the corporate offsite experience truly unique and carefree.

The impact of Smartway and the role of Town Angels

Thanks to Smartway and the dedication of the Town Angels, the Smartway villages are experiencing a renaissance, activating a sharing of ideas and initiatives that involve local businesses and associations.

“A sort of idea sharing has been activated for the creation of offers… the search for experiences to offer to teams is a great opportunity”.

This not only benefits the local economy by making tourism less seasonal but also offers companies the chance to explore and work in unique and stimulating contexts.

Why choose Nocera Umbra for your corporate offsite?

Silvia offers golden advice to companies planning a retreat:

“First of all, a company organising a retreat for its team is already a step ahead of others because it has understood what is important for a team. Getting to know each other outside the office, outside the company, and I would first advise these companies to rely on Smartway, which will be able to manage them from A to Z.”

This is because, through the guidance of a Town Angel, teams can fully immerse themselves in the local culture, working in historic spaces during the day and enjoying authentic experiences, such as aperitifs and team-building activities, in the evening.

A memorable example is the experience with Hippocras, a medieval drink, where a team created their version under the expert guidance of a local master winemaker, promoting collaboration and creativity.

A message for the “Us” of the future

Looking ahead, Silvia is preparing a special activity for upcoming teams:

“The next activity I would like to propose is a creative workshop that will lead us to the construction of a message to send to the future. What does that mean? It’s really a time machine, through the knowledge of characters from the present and the past we will construct a message using creative writing techniques and painting techniques, and through the use of materials, we will build together with the teams these documents that will take us through a creative process to create a message to insert in a bottle and to send forward in time, as this bottle will only be reopened in ten years.”

This unique experience, which combines creative writing and painting techniques, not only stimulates creative thinking and internal communication but also leaves a tangible memory to be reopened in ten years.

Nocera Umbra: A rough diamond to explore

Silvia concludes by inviting teams to discover Nocera Umbra:

“It is for me a rough diamond immersed in greenery, so we have beautiful walks that we can do starting on foot in the morning from our accommodations and return and stop to have a nice breakfast sitting at the tables in the garden of the town and then start our working day.”

The combination of natural beauty, and cultural and gastronomic richness, along with the welcome and guidance of the Town Angels, offers an experience that goes well beyond the simple corporate retreat.

In conclusion, the experience of a corporate offsite in an Italian village, guided by the fascinating and resourceful figure of the Town Angel, represents a unique opportunity for companies to explore, grow, and connect in unexpected ways.

Silvia and her fellow Town Angels are ready to welcome you and transform your next corporate retreat into an unforgettable adventure.