Remote Work Sucks

Smartway  Jul 21 · 5 min read

SmartWay, SUCKS & DUDE share bold billboard in San Babila in Milan with a remote work manifesto.

We’ve all dreamt about it when we couldn’t have it. But just like meeting that beautiful new crush who turns out to be completely psycho, our love affair with working from home came to an end (for most of us) when it started to show its true colors — and by that, we all know what I mean: back pain, feeling bored, working hours going even longer, missing office relationships or reading on the commute, and getting increasingly annoyed of your own apartment.

Yes my friends, remote work sucks. But it simply doesn’t have to — we are missing the chance to actually make it awesome!

Smartway allows you to work from stunning villages with beautiful “office” views, (re)discovering Italy while finding your perfect work-life balance. Discover our hidden gem villages with exclusive and authentic experiences and connect with a new local community, while surrounded by astonishing natural landscapes.

You boost your creativity and productivity by working from amazing places — not by staring at the same wall everyday. That’s why Smartway posted this brave billboard on the very centre of the busy area of San Babila in Milan, together with our friends from _SUCKS and DUDE. Because we all know now what we are missing. And truth be said, we are all fed up.

Join us in the remote work revolution & work from amazing places — or even better — check our website to see how we can help your business make your collaborators happier and more productive people. Be the smart one, and make remote work awesome.