Rules of the Photographic Treasure Hunt

Hey team! Ready for the adventure?


  • Find your team directly on the app, in the section of your user profile.


  • Remember, this treasure hunt is all about teamwork! Work together to find the cleverest strategy and collect as many points as possible in the time you have. The team with the most points takes home the victory. In case of a tie, the team that sent the last valid photo first wins!
    (EXAMPLE: Team #1 and Team #2 are tied with the same score, but:
    – Team #1 sent the last valid photo at 12:02
    – Team #2 sent the last valid photo at 12:08
    So, Team #1, who sent the photo first, wins)


  • Before getting started, don’t forget to:
    1. Choose a team leader: they will be the only one authorized to send photos of your achievements to the game master via WhatsApp.
    2. Fill out the card: give your group a super creative name and write down the team leader’s phone number.


  • Submitting proofs:
    To ensure everything goes smoothly, the game master will let you know if you are on the right track:
    – a 👍🏻 for photos that have passed the test,
    – a 👎🏻 for those you need to redo.
    So, keep your eyes open!