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Wine tasting in the village Services food & wine €10 - €20

Monte Rubiaglio (TR)

Who we are
Hi! I am Alessandro and I have always lived in Monterubiaglio in Umbria, practically born and raised in the middle of the earth and vineyards.
I remember with pleasure when as a child, after school, together with Paolo, my brother and my mother, we went to the small vineyard near the village to harvest, then in the evening my father came to pick up the grapes that we pressed in a small vat. It makes me smile when I think back to the so much fear that assailed us children when at lunch or even worse at dinner we were ordered to go “to extract the wine” in the deep and dark cellar. In this way, between immense joys and terrifying fears of a child, a great passion for wine and vineyards was born.

What do I offer
A wine tasting of about 2 hours and a small snack of typical products at km0 (cheeses, meats, oil and legumes).

What will you do
In Monterubiaglio there is a square with its Castle, next to it a small square with its Church, from here starts the alley that leads straight to my family’s cellar, a micro-reality where wine has always been produced.
We will begin our journey right here, from the alley where children run and cackle in summer and where the scent of fermenting must is enveloping in autumn. We will enter and visit the small ARTISAN WORKSHOP where the grapes are transformed into wine, then we will descend into the CAVE below: here, where the wine ages, some BAS-RELIEFS sculpted in the “matile” by father Franco tell scenes of peasant life, a strong and inseparable bond between art, land and tradition.
Back in the light you will have the opportunity to taste our white and red wines, obtained from grapes produced on the terraces of the Spazzavento hill from a sustainable and environmentally friendly viticulture. In combination with the wines you will taste some typical KM 0 products of our land (cheeses, salami, oil and legumes).
Other things to keep in mind
Bring comfortable shoes to go down to the cave.

What is included
– Wine tasting
– tastings of typical products at km0 (cheeses, salami, oil and legumes)

Cancellation policy

What advantage do we want to give you?
It is a pleasure for me to reserve you the best price at 20 € / person.



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