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Vespa and vintage car rental and tours Services rental vehicles €60 - €150

Pienza (SI)

Who we are
We are happy to help you organize a beautiful day on our vehicles ….
Whether it’s for a romantic day with your sweetheart, for a trip with friends, for a hen or stag party
or the team building of the company you work for …
You are in the right place.

What we offer
Rental & Tours on Vespa scooters, Vespa Lambrette and vintage cars.

What will you do
As soon as we arrive we will take care of the contractual part.
Copy of the driving license and signing of the rental agreement.
For those who choose the two wheels we will provide you with hygienic bandanas and helmets.
We will do the helmet test among the available sizes.
We offer you gloves, backpack, picnic basket, GoPro, Kway, vintage glasses.

After that, if you like it, we will mark on the map (which we will give you) the most beautiful roads, the most characteristic villages, the most beautiful natural attractions, the places of famous photos and historical films and finally the best farms and refreshment points.

At this point we will do the briefing for driving the vehicle.

If you pass the “exam” and feel safe … have a good trip!

What is included
hygienic balaclava
picnic basket
K way
vintage map glasses
… and lots of advice

Cancellation policy

What advantage do we want to give you?
To all smart workers we guarantee a 25% for rentals over 4 days!
Enjoy your ride






  • Tour with staff

    If you want to be accompanied we are available!

    € 100


  • Vespa

    Automatic gear

  • Vespa Vintage

    Manual gear

    € 30
  • Vintage car

    fiat 500 vintage

    € 105



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