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Sicilian twist cocktail class in Sciacca Services experiences €17 - €28

Sciacca (AG)

Who we are

We are a “Widespread Museum”, meaning we are open and that every element of our city, including people with their stories, are the great treasure that we want to offer to those who come to visit us. The best way to get to know us is to use all the senses: the taste of our foods, the colours of our lands, the sounds of our voices, the works of our hands, the scents of our fruits. A uniqueness that you will never forget.

Our goal is to create awareness of the immense historical heritage of art, craftsmanship, landscape, and food and wine of our territory. It is our duty to rediscover, protect and enhance it.

Our narration and actions make it available to others by creating an economic model where ethics and results are no longer in opposition. It’s the Economy of Beauty.

What we offer

The fresh and lovely taste of one of the most famous cocktails interpreted with a Sicilian twist.

Let our bartenders be your guide and discover the secrets behind using the shaker to create a refreshing cocktail with products from our land. Try preparing one yourself and take home with you this skill and share it with your friends during your next aperitif.

The duration of the experience is approximately 0h40

What will you do

  • Explanation by the bartender of the cocktail preparation with a Sicilian twist;
  • Preparation by temporary citizens (you, the person visiting us) of the cocktail under the skillful guidance of the bartenders;
  • Tasting of the cocktail.

What is included

Ingredients and tools for preparation of the cocktail are included

Cancellation policy

What advantage do we want to give you?

We offer Smartway customers a ad-hoc service. If you are 2+ participants, contact us to get a discount on the total price 🙂



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