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Shiatsu, Tuina, Qigong and Energetic treatments Services experiences €40 - €70

Voghiera (FE)

Who we are
I offer relaxing, decontracting and anti-stress treatments for the recovery of one’s psycho-physical balance.

What we offer
You can choose one of these treatments:

SHIATSU (60 min – 60€/person)
The Shiatsu treatment is performed in a relaxing and sanitized environment, with all current regulations. It is received on the ground on a soft futon. The recipient dressed in a free way to be able to move and breathe freely, is treated with gentle techniques, pressures, stretching, mobilizations aimed at restoring psycho-physical balance and recovering stiffness, blocks, tension, joint pain, digestive difficulties, sleep , anxiety, stress.

TUINA (about 50 min – 60€/person )
The treatment with TUINA MASSAGE, or the Traditional Chinese Massage, takes place in a relaxed and sanitized environment with all current regulations. It is received on a couch or on the ground depending on the conditions of the recipient, on which the operator intervenes directly with manipulative techniques of different nature to restore the correct circulation of energy. It is a more “incisive” treatment on the body than SHIATSU, but never painful. It can be associated with Traditional Chinese Techniques such as Moxibustion and Cupping.

INDIVIDUAL “QIGONG” SESSION (90 min – 40€/person)
The individual QIGONG practice consists of a real personal session in which QIGONG exercises are taught and practiced. Discipline of Chinese origin, which literally means WORK, EXERCISE, EFFORT = GONG. On ENERGY = IQ.
Energy understood as “vital breath” what makes us what we are. The exercises are practicable by anyone and restore STRENGTH, BALANCE, TONICITY, ELASTICITY, SERENITY, BETTER CONCENTRATION, INCREASE OF IMMUNE DEFENSES. The practice can be static or dynamic and can be done indoors and outdoors.

I perform an energetic and postural assessment on the recipient and apply manipulation techniques and body work together with the teaching of techniques and exercises aimed at recovering the correct posture and one’s own body and respiratory awareness. The practice can take place indoors and outdoors in comfortable clothing.

What will you do
They will be able to choose one of the 4 treatments that will be individual and take place in a quiet, relaxing environment and with all the criteria of compliance with the current rules on Covid 19.

What is included
The treatment you have chosen.

Cancellation policy

What advantage do we want to give you?
Smartway customers will receive a complete consultation on posture, respiratory awareness and personalized meditation as a gift.

Additional informations
Choose the desired experience by the “extra services” menu.
Open by appointment.

This service is in collaboration with this accommodation:
Large room in a B&b farmhouse with pool
Nice room in a B&b farmhouse with pool



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    € 60
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    € 70


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