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Mind & Body in Cortona Services experiences €35 - €45


Who we are
We are a group of qualified organizers who love the Tuscan territory (and a little Umbrian !!!)
We want to give private lessons directly in the villa, farmhouse or in another type of stay, without giving up, even on vacation, the benefits that these two disciplines bring to both body and mind.

What we offer
We want to offer you everything that can give you mental and physical benefit.

Yoga, which has a thousand-year tradition, as is pilates, a Western discipline younger than the first, which teaches how to assume a correct posture and harmony in movements. Both, yoga and pilates, therefore allow for greater body flexibility, improve breathing and blood circulation, as well as help you lose weight.

You can choose between:

Yoga lessons directly in a villa or farmhouse in Cortona. A yoga teacher gives private lessons to both groups and individuals, which take place outdoors, but also in cozy indoor spaces. Each lesson begins with a warm-up and then moves on to performing asanas according to the needs of each person and ending with breathing and relaxation exercises.
Duration – 1 hour
Difficulty – accessible to all
Equipment – mats distributed by the instructors

Ideal experience for lovers of meditation and outdoor walks. The walking route winds for an hour and a half in the hills of Cortona in the company of environmental guides, and then returns to the Medici Fortress of Girifalco, where you can stop to meditate with a yoga lesson lasting one hour.
Duration – 3 hours
Difficulty – accessible to all
Equipment – mats distributed by the instructors (comfortable shoes and sportswear required)

The pilates lessons are held directly by me, Lucia, directly at home in the accommodation facility where the guests reside and fit perfectly into an extraordinary natural context such as that of Tuscany.
Duration – 1 hour
Difficulty – accessible to all
Equipment – mats distributed by the instructors

What will you do
You will choose the experience that is closest to your needs.
You will relax.
You will be ready to recharge for your smart working period.

What is included
Mats distributed by the instructors.

Cancellation policy

What advantage do we want to give you?
We guarantee a 10% discount and flexible hours to all smart workers!



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