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Local Life Experience Services experiences, food & wine €280 - €320

Pergine Valdarno (AR)

Who we are
Tourist or Traveler? Regardless of the reason that brings you here, this is the question you need to ask yourself.
If the answer is “traveler” then you are in the right place! The essence of a destination is made up of people, typicality, habits and small realities that only those who were born or who have lived in a place for a long time can know. We are those people, and with us, our network of friends and acquaintances … we would like to welcome you and tell you our stories, which are intertwined in one with our products and typical dishes, our landscapes, and our traditions. We want to talk to you about us and accompany you to get to know our territory: Tuscany can be found on all tourist guides, but “our” Tuscany, pure, simple and profound, can only be found in the hearts of its people.

What we offer
Our proposal of experiences covers the stay of one week:

– Join a home-style cooking class, get your hands dirty by preparing a real and simple family recipe. We will enjoy the meal all together on a set table, tasting good local wine;

– We meet some of our local producers, we can visit their company, see how and where they work and appreciate their products in a natural, healthy and fun environment;

– Wine tasting with food pairing, Visit a beautiful winery and admire the view of vineyards, woods and nature sitting at the table with organic food at km0, tasting excellent quality wines that you will never find on any shelf;

At your choice, you can add ONE of the following activities:

1) Walks / E-MTB / Quad: a tour to discover the many hidden paths of the Valdarno, you will be guided on a real journey “off the beaten path” in the Tuscan landscape and when you are hungry and tired there will be a meal waiting for you : rich in local products, traditional recipes to support local producers

2) Yoga class early in the morning or for an evening session, stretch your muscles and nourish your body with our Yoga Teacher. Your soul and your mind will be grateful: Mens sana in corpore sano!

3) How about a Paintball / Softball court for you and your friends? Adrenaline and adventure in the oak woods for a pastime full of emotions! (Minimum participants 8 pax.)

4) Bed & Beer? we are! Visit a local brewery and learn about the brewing process, the beer tasting to follow will be even more delicious and satisfying!

5) Photography workshop. Are you a lover of photography? Thanks to this service you can decide to have a basic photography course or simply to be the protagonist of an exclusive photo session!

What will you do
After settling in our accommodations, we will give you the detailed program of activities and experiences that we will have agreed in detail before your arrival. For the rest, relax, focus on your work and you, we’ll take care of it.

What is included
– Each proposed service is complete except for the material necessary for carrying out the activity: eg. yoga mat, camera, …

– Transport to the various neighboring destinations is not included, but it is possible to arrange it on request.

Cancellation policy

What advantage do we want to give you?
A “tailor-made” package with the time flexibility that a smart worker needs.
Not too demanding leisure activities, or physical release activities for those who have to work on a screen for several hours a day. Duration of the controlled activity in order not to affect the regular performance of the working activity.



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