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Food & walking tour in Monte Faito – Sorrento Peninsula Services experiences €40 - €50

Monte Faito (NA)

Who we are
An excursion in the woods on the highest mountain of the Sorrento Peninsula. An experiential tour to learn about the history of the mountains, the ancient productions, the snow and wood trade as well as the most beautiful views of the Gulf of Naples, the Sorrento Peninsula and the Amalfi Coast from over 1000 meters above sea level.
The hiking route is of easy difficulty and lasts about 3 hours, varying between beautiful avenues under the beech trees to more exposed stony areas and, therefore, requires minimal equipment such as comfortable shoes and training for mountain excursions (we provide trekking poles for free) .
After about 2 hours, having reached one of the most beautiful views, we organize a picnic where guests taste local cheeses and meats, fresh bread, oil from the Vicenza hills and a glass of fresh wine.
Return to the starting point at the bar of the S. Angelo hotel for a final stop and a good coffee on the panoramic terrace.
A unique experience in the Sorrento Peninsula with the pleasure of the high mountain air because “the good air helps thoughts!”

What we offer
Certified environmental guide, information material and maps, third party liability insurance for guests, trekking poles, tastings of local products.

What will you do
The departure is scheduled for 9 am from the terrace of the Hotel S. Angelo where we will do a short briefing of the route and the characteristics of the mountain. As soon as we leave, we will immediately be on the path called the North Crest with a unique view of Vesuvius and the Gulf of Naples. We will find plants, fragrant herbs, often, free flocks in the woods.
Once on the top we will visit the church of S. Michele and make a short stop before leaving for the west side of the mountain. From here we will walk in the woods until we look out over the Sorrentine Peninsula from the Casa del Monaco with a spectacular view up to Capri. A sunny terrace will allow us to stop for a delicious panoramic picnic with local, authentic and tasty products.
After you return, in about 40 minutes, to the starting point not before having visited the structure of the Neviere, where the snow to be sold in the valley in the past and the Secular Beeches, centenary giants of the Monte Faito wood were kept.

What is included
You will be accompanied by a licensed and insured guide as well as a local and expert in the area. This allows you to interface with local shepherds and farmers in a friendly and confidential manner. You will also have information material and maps available in order to have a complete view of the territory. In case of need, to facilitate progress on the trails, we have many pairs of trekking poles available for guests. At the stop on the panoramic terrace you will taste the local products chosen by us from local companies to complete the Sensory experience of this day. The seasonality of some products will be the final touch of goodness at the stop and you will know the true productions of this territory.

Cancellation policy

What advantage do we want to give you?
A discount on what I already offer … and 100% authentic views and tastes.



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