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Discover Civita Services experiences €20 - €35

Civita (CS)

Who we are
I am a local development agent and cultural animator, I manage the Arbresh Ethnic Museum and I am the new President of a cultural association that has 50 years of activity. I love walking in the open air, walking along rocky banks and admiring the extraordinary landscape of eastern Pollino. I have been practicing the art of walking for many years and I have learned to know every corner of my land. I reserve for my guests off-the-beaten-path routes to which I have given a name. With me you will know “the rock temple”, “the sentinels of the ridge”, “the air museum”, “the crest of infinity” and you will feel privileged in admiring and experiencing a unique place for its wild beauty and powerful energy that emanates. Over time I have created circuits for outdoor sports such as the fitness trail in the great Fagosa wood, the largest beech forest in Europe just 15 minutes from Civita, or the ascent of Timpa Porace, a large rock mountain that from its top offers a spectacular view into the deep fissure of the Raganello canyon, a Unesco Geosite. In my mountain estate I organize yoga and meditation sessions, chestnut picking and shared lunches. On the banks of the Raganello stream I promote walks to admire dragonflies and be massaged by the fresh water that flows between one rock and another. Here in Civita you can make the landscape your therapy and your gym, strengthen your legs and heart and lighten your mind.

What we offer
Walks on foot and by bicycle, experiential tours (also with shuttle service) to discover the Italian-Albanian culture, tastings and traditional cooking workshops.

What will you do
Depending on the weather conditions and your attitude, you can choose a shortlist of activities. For sports enthusiasts, walking tours with fitness circuits, for greedy home food, workshops and tastings at local farms, for lazy guided tours to discover the arbresh world (Italian-Albanian), a culture to be experienced that has 6 centuries of history .

What is included
Each activity can include meals at home food or affiliated trattorias where you can taste the local cuisine.

Cancellation policy

What advantage do we want to give you?
The Smartway customer can use the service individually even if the min. Number is not reached. of 5 people.



  • Hiking

    Camminata naturalistica sull'estrema dorsale del canyon del Raganello

    € 25
  • Social cooking

    Laboratorio di pasta tradizionale italo-albanese con degustazione

    € 35
  • Borgotrekking

    Invito alla scoperta del borgo di Civita, villaggio italo albanese. Scopriremo i comignoli e le Case Kodra dal volto umano. Visita al Museo etnico arbresh, alla Chiesa madre di rito greco-bizantino fino al belvedere sul canyon.

    € 20


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