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Discover Badolato village Services experiences €20 - €25

Badolato (CZ)

Who we are
I am a cultural tourist operator, one of the founding members of the “Riviera e Borghi degli Angeli” Tour Operators Association, animator of the “Badolato Slow Village” project and tourist community and manager of its web and social “storyliving” channels , based on the concept “Tourism to be experienced all year round” and where tourism is considered a special industry of emotions, experiences and happiness.
The “Badolato Slow Village” community – heterogeneously made up of local operators of accommodation, catering, culture and tourist services in general – also offers the many visitors, guests and tourists who stay and arrive in Badolato, between the ancient village and the seaside hamlet, the ‘opportunity to fully experience the places, with its traditions and stories, interacting with the local community.
The village of Badolato, which in the last 20 years has become a real “human destination” for many Italian and foreign citizens, is a typically Mediterranean “place”, with slow rhythms and healthy lifestyles, where you will feel privileged in the ” admire and live in a unique country for its architectural, urban and landscape beauty with a powerful beneficial energy that emanates above all from its community, a true Genius Loci of the place itself, historically suited to “filoxenia” (love for the stranger) and therefore always welcoming and hospitable.
A new intercultural and international community that sees interacting virtuously with each other, with the positive interweaving of new relationships, members of communities characterized by experiences of “rest” (native / historical citizens), “returns” (emigrants, young people and less young people, returned to live and work in their native land) and “new arrivals” (migrants, foreign citizens – retirees and families with children, mainly from Northern Europe – and foreign and Italian tourists, including many personalities from the world of culture and of the show).
Badolato is to be considered a slow & smart village, a microcosm of sustainable globalization, where today it is possible to combine tradition and innovation, slowness / authenticity of places, food and people with international interconnections with the rest of the world, where you can work in an agile way while enjoying life also dedicating himself to taking care of his own vegetable garden, a real “village of breath” and “happy development” where the landscape and nature can become your therapy and your psycho-physical gym, where you can rediscover and regenerate , where you can strengthen your legs and heart and lighten your mind by trying to enjoy your life – together with your family – away from metropolitan stress, where isolation and marginalization compared to the industrialized areas of the country have become typical and value to be grasped and appreciate to practice a different lifestyle and consumption.

What we offer
Experiential tour with guided walks and walks in the ancient village of Badolato also with urban, eco-cultural and experiential trekking routes (also with shuttle service) to discover the area and its tourist and naturalistic attractions; Final tasting of wines and typical products with convivial moments and intercultural social-dining in the characteristic “catoja” (ancient cellars).

What will you do
Experiential tour with guided walks and walks in the ancient village of Badolato with tastings of wines and typical products.

What is included
The tour with guide and final tasting.

Cancellation policy

What advantage do we want to give you?
A discount on what I already offer.

Additional informations
It is necessary to reach the minimum number of 4 people.
Please select the number of participants from the “Extra Services” menu.



  • tour for 4 people
    € 100
  • tour for 5 people (20% off)
    € 100
  • tour for 6 people (20% off)
    € 120
  • tour for 7 people (20% off)
    € 140
  • tour for 8 people (20% off)
    € 160
  • tour for 9 people (20% off)
    € 180
  • tour for 10 people (20% off)
    € 200


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