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B&B room in a Calabrian village Where to sleep B&b, Bedroom €40 - €50

Civita (CS)
  • 60
  • 2 people
  • 1 bedrooms
  • 2 beds
  • 1 baths
  • 30/20 Mbps speedtest

Describe your accommodation
The room is inside an ancient house in the historic center, in the town of Civita, located in the Pollino National Park, where you can breathe the wisdom of a magical place.
The house overlooks the entire gable of the State Property, the only structure located in the historic center, high above everything.
The room offers all the comforts. Large, spacious and comfortable bed. Fridge bar, sofa, TV and a private bathroom with a deep stone shower.

Your space
The room has a deep balcony. The gaze can dance: stop at the bottom of the Devil’s bridge, in the distance fill up with the sea, turn to the side and enrich yourself with the green and luxuriant plants of Laxa. An independent door where it comes out on the alleys of the historic center. The house also offers a sharing space with a fireplace and sofa where you can relax while sipping a tea!
Furthermore, breakfast is included in the price.

The district
We are used to noises, so much so that we cannot distinguish them: horns, motors, sirens. Instead, there is another dimension, almost forgotten, especially by those who live in the city, which is that of silence, listening to nature: birdsong, rustling of the wind, flowing rivers and that warm sun that recharges you with life energy. All of this exists and you can find it here.

Getting around the area
Civita is the first gateway to the beautiful Pollino National Park. You can practice sports in total autonomy or guided by an expert. We offer the possibility to rent electric bicycles and enjoy the area in a more intense and fun way. The 6 km motorway allows you to get away on weekends for a day trip to nearby villages or other regions, such as Basilicata, Campania and Puglia. The internal bus lines allow you to reach the sea or the nearest town of Castrovillari.

Cancellation policy

Download – 30.2 Mbps
Upload – 19.5 Mbps




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