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360 ° Movement & Yoga Services experiences €15 - €45

Voghiera (FE)

Who we are
I am a Movement-Trainer on the one hand, Yoga and Meditation teacher on the other. Two paths born from what I believe in:
– Cultivate 360 degree movement skills for a good feeling with the body and health;
– To cultivate the capacity for self-knowledge and mental clarity by seeing life not as an obstacle but as a source of self-education to it.

What we offer
The offer refers to both groups and individual lessons and will be programmed according to the needs being able to make use of the following kind of lessons:

Natural Movement
For who?
Suitable for those who want to regain freedom and well-being of movement both in everyday life and functional to the most intense training, where the greater the degree of movement, the less the effort, the better the result.
What do you do?
It is a global movement that arises from the meeting of myofascial free body training with global mobility and strength training.
For those interested in dynamic yoga sequences, flow sequences will be included.

For who?
Suitable for those who want to spend a moment of training in time to music.
What do you do?
Depending on the music, movement sequences are created that integrate precise fluid positions to prepare the lesson, with body disciplines derived from certain types of dance to get to the heart and end with bodily expressiveness to free movement according to the feeling of the moment.

Yoga and Meditation
For who?
Suitable for those who want a space to slow down, being able to feel better and discover their deep motivations and how to cultivate them.
What do you do?
Through the positions of the body, breathing can cultivate mindfulness to arrive at an approach to meditation for a search in oneself.

Restorative & Relax
For who?
Suitable for those who simply want a moment of rest and relaxation, perhaps at the end of a tiring job.
What do you do?
It includes different body positions managed in order to be comfortable to release any tension by inserting breathing techniques, visualizations and guided relaxation.

Postural with Pancafit
For who?
Individual lessons for those who do not have serious pathologies but want to work on any specific muscle tensions in general or in the back.
What do you do?
Postural exercises on a tool (Pancafit) to comfortably align the posture, any massage exercises to release tension.
The work varies according to the subject.

What will you do
Upon arrival there will be a presentation of me to let people know what I do and why and a presentation of the client in which I can ask some questions to understand the needs and establish together which lesson they could address.

What is included
Including any equipment useful for carrying out the lessons.
The ideal would be that everyone had their own towel or mat for hygiene, but where this is not possible there will be mats available for the occasion.

Cancellation policy

What advantage do we want to give you?
A discount on what I already offer.

Additional informations
Choose the desired lesson and the number of participants by the “extra services” menu.
Each lesson lasts about 60 mins.
Open by appointment.

This service is in collaboration with this accommodation:
Large room in a B&b farmhouse with pool
Nice room in a B&b farmhouse with pool



  • Individual lesson
    € 45
  • 2-4 people lesson
    € 60
  • 5 people lesson
    € 75
  • 6 people lesson
    € 90
  • 7 people lesson
    € 105
  • 8 people lesson
    € 120
  • 9 people lesson
    € 135
  • 10 people lesson
    € 150
  • 11 people lesson
    € 165
  • 12 people lesson
    € 180
  • 13 people lesson
    € 195
  • 14 people lesson
    € 210
  • 15 people lesson
    € 225



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