Innovation and the life of old times in Montepulciano has become a winning combination

Giada Calitri  Oct 8 · 5 min read

Antonio, software engineer. We had the pleasure of interviewing him to get to know him better and let him tell us about his experience of remote working in Montepulciano.

Broadband internet connection, cheap rents and a network of services designed to live and work away from the office and the stress of the city. Remote working in the villages of Tuscany is a perfect combination for those who have the opportunity to work from home, choosing a relaxing environment thanks to many offers that combine fast internet and stays in small towns, surrounded by greenery and in contact with nature.

Working from home is a method that has been adopted, out of necessity, by very different businesses. As we know, it brings advantages both to companies and workers, who see reduced travel time and costs to the office, but also increased productivity thanks to the reduction of interference and a better organization of work and time.

Among the first to succeed in activating smart working were workers in the IT sector, with remote working already active, albeit in partial mode, in some companies in the sector: among the professionals involved is also that of developers.

Hi Antonio, tell us something about you. How old are you and what is your job?

I'm 25 years old, I'm a software engineer, I work for a company based in Monza that deals mainly with e-commerce services for large companies. I chose to do this job because my dream has always been to work remotely, and to become a sort of digital nomad, but I didn't expect that everything would come so quickly, let's say that the pandemic has made my dream more concrete and so I was really lucky.

Is most of your work done in the office or in remote working?

In the company I work for, it was initially foreseen in the contract to work remotely for two days a week, after the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic we started to work remotely full time and we are still continuing along this line, although some of my colleagues continue to work in the office for business needs. I find working remotely much less stressful than working in the office also for a matter of convenience because, living far from my office, I had to reach the office facing daily traffic in Milan.

Are being a developer and remote working two compatible worlds?

I find myself very comfortable working from home and having a good wifi connection, since it is absolutely a priority in my job. Unfortunately we can't say the same about remote working during business travels, because the presence of a good and especially fast internet connection is in most cases really an unknown. I must admit that with Smartway everything was really very convenient, unlike when in August I had to spend a few days in Germany and the problem was precisely that of not having a good internet connection, finding some difficulty in carrying out my work.

What made you decide to do this remote working experience in Montepulciano?

In May, the thought of going on a trip was already flashing in my mind because many of my colleagues had already started to take advantage of smart working to travel. One day a colleague of mine told me about the corporate benefit system, through which I got to know Smartway, which offered accommodations for remote workers. Having Milan as my place of work, I didn't know Tuscany well, apart from Florence, so not having seen the true Tuscan soul, I said to myself: I'll choose Montepulciano.

Did the pandemic influence your decision? If yes, how much did it influence it?

Let's say that my idea even before the pandemic was to find a company that would allow me to do most of my work remotely, although I didn't think so soon because I didn't expect to easily find companies that would accept people working mostly in smart-working, so I can say that the pandemic definitely influenced the early realization of these wishes of mine. I love to travel and I've always imagined my working career as a digital nomad, maybe remotely from Thailand, enjoying the beach and nature and working at the same time. It has always been my aspiration and that's why I chose this career in the web, you just need a pc, a connection and you're good to go. It's nice to see places, travel and in the meantime have a salary, you're sort of breaking even, don't you think?

Tell us about your remote working experience in Montepulciano. What authentic experiences did you have?

I like to walk and bike a lot, so Montepulciano was perfect because it was not far from Montalcino, Pienza, Siena, Perugia and Lake Trasimeno, so I was lucky because most of the time when I had some free time, usually on weekends or midweek vacations, I would get on my bike and go for a two-hour ride in the countryside until I got to Pienza.

How did you organize your smart working stay? Did you encounter any difficulties during the organization?

Apart from booking on the platform I didn't need to organize anything else, it was the employees of the company welfare to contact Smartway, who in turn contacted me providing me with all the necessary information before departure, among other things, the first destination I had chosen was not available and the team immediately changed the stay without any problem. I arrived in Montepulciano alone and was welcomed by the great Smartway family, having lunch and dinner together and at aperitif time sipping a glass of excellent local wine.

Would you recommend your smart working experience in Montepulciano to your colleagues?

Absolutely, I've already recommended it to almost everyone, I want to publicize this extraordinary initiative.

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