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Decide where to go.
We find the perfect place for your Smart Working.

Decide where to go.
We find the perfect place for your Smart Working.

We select 3 things that are all worker-friendly...

… and not for tourists!



We select only accommodations with fast internet connection: Platinum level (>40Mbps/20Mbps) o Gold (>25Mbps/xMbps) and comfortable and suitable workstations. Farmhouses, apartments in the historic center, b&b, boutique hotels.



Everything you might need during a smart working stay. Restaurants, food delivery, bike and motorcycle rentals, local experiences …



Only properties that guarantee at least 33% savings compared to nominal costs for stays of at least one week and services with preferential treatments.




The needs of a professional who chooses to do smart working, in a rural place in Tuscany, Umbria, Puglia, etc etc are not the same as being a tourist. Smartway wants to be the tool to choose accommodation with high speed internet and for extra services necessary during one stay … all at a price that is not for tourists!



Especially post Covid, hosts of accommodation and services will need to consider diversifying their clientele from the usual “tourist”. By joining Smartway the units’ earnings are lower but this is compensated by a higher number of nights / services purchased.

Easy to Use.

Search by area, prices, features of your ideal accommodation.

Check the reviews and ask the owner for additional information, if needed.

Set your dates, book and pay safely.

Set off and enjoy!

The areas we love most.

Why Smartway is unique ...


It all comes from a new viewpoint. Smartway wants to help smart workers find amazing places to live and work. Everything tailored to workers … and not just tourists.


On average, a smart working stay lasts 10 days.The worker is a type of customer who can deeply discover the chosen area.


We have Hosts who have joined the project because they are aware of the change and evolution that the world of work/ business world is experiencing. We are looking to live better… by working, even if only for a few weeks, in amazing places.


Smartway wants to actively contribute to enhancing rural areas, amazing, underestimated in absolute terms but with great potential for a life/work balance type of stay.


What is SmartWay?

It’s a new digital project that wants to leverage the potential of smart working while trying to enhance rural places around Italy. Tuscany, Umbria, Puglia, Molise and Basilicata are in our sights!

Why should I use SmartWay?

Smartway selects great places to provide a memorable solution for smart working. We provide: 1) accommodation facilities (farmhouses, apartments in historic centers, rooms) with high-speed internet and comfortable workstations 2) extra services necessary for both working and private life. All with a guaranteed discount of 33% compared to the official cost of the unit published on the web for sleeping, and special treatment on the chosen services.

We believe that the expectations of a smart working experience are different from those of a tourist experience.

How does SmartWay earn money?

SmartWay is free for all guests who decide to book through its platform. It asks partners who want to register for a 10% commission on bookings received.

Can I list my property on SmartWay?

We would love to. Apply to become one of our Hosts.

How do I manage my reservations?

Each user has a MyProfile section where they can easily have an overview of their reservations. If the registration has been made as Owner, there will be also a dashboard that summarizes the situation of one’s earnings.

Are my data safe?

We will not sell, share or provide details regarding your IP address, personal information, cookies and your location to third party sites beyond what is set in our Privacy Policy.