How Four Seasons Florence keeps an evolving leadership team united


Four Seasons Florence stands as a masterpiece of luxury tourism in the heart of Italy, advancing the values and commitment of the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts brand in the EMEA market.

In this customer success story, we share through the words of Irene, the recent collaboration between Smartway and Four Seasons Florence that took their leadership team for team bonding activities in one of our Smartway towns:

“My role as Learning & Development Manager, commits me to the training and development of our staff, ensuring that every team member not only meets but exceeds the high standards expected at Four Seasons.”

The Challenge: Integrating a new leadership team

The dynamism of the industry requires continuous evolution and adaptation. Faced with recent changes in the leadership team, Four Seasons Florence recognized the importance of strengthening internal bonds to establish and plan clear strategic objectives for 2024.

“We needed to do team bonding for the new team and plan the goal setting for 2024,” Irene explains, emphasizing the importance of these objectives for long-term success.

The Solution: Enter Smartway

“The choice of Smartway as our partner for these events was influenced by their agility and ability to respond innovatively to our needs” states Irene, highlighting the importance of collaborating with partners who share the same dedication to excellence and innovation.

The event organized by Smartway exceeded all expectations, facilitating effective team bonding and the definition of a shared vision for the future. Smartway’s ability to offer a complete solution allowed Four Seasons Florence to focus on the strategic aspects of the event, with evident results in team cohesion and clarity of objectives.

“In the past, managing or organizing this type of event was internal and required relying on many different suppliers; with Smartway, everything was more streamlined having a single point of contact.”

Irene’s feedback

“I absolutely recommend working with Smartway to any company of any size, both for their willingness to meet any need, even last-minute ones, and for their impeccable communication with the client.”

The collaboration between Four Seasons Florence and Smartway underscores a fundamental principle: investing in the team is crucial for boosting productivity and achieving business objectives. This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of a holistic approach to organizing corporate events, where relying on a single provider like Smartway can significantly simplify the process while ensuring a cohesive and high-level experience. The synergy between Four Seasons Florence and Smartway highlights how a shared commitment to innovation and excellence can not only strengthen the team but also pave the way to success. For companies aiming to exceed expectations and position themselves as leaders in their sector, investing in their team and choosing strategic partners for corporate events becomes not just a choice but an indispensable necessity.