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What is Smartway?
It is a new digital project that wants to take the potential of smart working and try to enhance rural places around Italy. Tuscany, Umbria, Puglia, Molise and Basilicata are in our sights!

Why should I use SmartWay?
Smartway selects great places to provide a memorable way of doing smart working.
We include:
– accommodation facilities (farmhouses, apartments in historic centers, rooms) with high-speed internet and comfortable workstations;
– extra services necessary for both work and life needs;
The combination of accommodation facilities and tailored services for smart workers is the only effective combination to boost an area and attract a new stream of visitors.

How does SmartWay earn money?
SmartWay is free for all guests who decide to book through its platform. It asks partners who want to register for a 10% commission on bookings received.

How are prices and discounts calculated?
All accommodation partners are required to list a rate in Smartway that is at least 33% lower than the lowest unit rate they advertise on the internet. On the other hand, the minimum number of nights that can be purchased must not be less than 7.
The partners of the selected services will instead have the possibility to insert customized offers and dedicated discounts.

What do I get by signing up?
We offer our members exclusive offers at unbeatable prices on perfect locations for smart working stays.

How can I book?
You can book exactly as you would on any other travel site.

How do I manage my reservations?
Each user has a MyProfile section where they can easily have an overview of their reservations. If the registration has been made as Owner, there will be also a dashboard that summarizes the situation of one’s earnings.

Are my data safe?
We will not sell, share or provide details regarding your IP address, personal information, cookies and your location to third party sites beyond what is set in our Privacy Policy.

Can workers get a refund if the accommodation is not as they expected?
Yes, we will help workers find new accommodation or issue a refund if the accommodation is not accessible, does not respect hygienic conditions, or not safe. Or if there is a pet that the host did not mention in the listing description. Find out more

Can workers get a full refund if the host cannot or won’t fix a problem?
Yes. Workers must contact us within 24 hours after the problem is identified. In eligible cases, we will cancel the booking and issue a refund.

What happens if a worker has to cancel due to an emergency?
We may issue a refund if a guest has to cancel their booking due to an emergency.

How long does it take to get a refund?
We send refunds immediately after cancellation; they usually appear within 3-5 days, but sometimes it takes up to 15 days for them to appear on the original payment method.

Can I list my property on SmartWay?
We would love to. Apply to become one of our Hosts.

If I become a host, how will I get paid and when?
The payment to our partners will take place the day after check-out or after the last service provided. The payment will be reduced by 10% of the service fee.

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Get 25€ for your next booking

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