How Deliveroo boosted team unity with Smartway’s sustainable offsites


Deliveroo is a name that hardly needs an introduction. But to give you a sneak peek behind the scenes, it’s important to note how much they care about their employees’ office life and believe that cohesive teams are essential for top performance.

On a larger scale, their internal team-building activities reflect their core values, which is one reason for their partnership with Smartway. Several Deliveroo teams have participated in offsite events, focusing on sustainability and community engagement.

We had a chat with Maurizio Mutti, the head of ops, whose team recently participated in their latest offsite. He shared why they engage in such activities, the goals they set, and why they chose Smartway.

Choosing the Right Location

When picking a location, Maurizio pointed out that Smartway doesn’t just offer the typical urban-centric team building event but a fresh format that involves small towns and their communities. “The choice of Santa Fiora as the location provided a serene and culturally rich backdrop, far removed from the bustling corporate retreats usually found in city settings,” he said.

Maurizio explained that what struck him about Smartway was their focus on local realities, small towns, and local economies, emphasizing their sustainable approach which sets them apart from more conventional urban team-building initiatives.

The picturesque village of Santa Fiora was strategically chosen for the venue, offering a calm and culturally rich environment unlike typical corporate retreat settings. Maurizio noted the unique impact of this choice: “From the moment we arrived, the enthusiasm was palpable. Being in a small village brought us into a somewhat unreal dimension, a step out of time, which wouldn’t have been the same in a metropolitan area.”

Moment of team bonding with the charming village as backdrop

Planning activities with a social impact

Not only did Santa Fiora offer a tranquil setting, but it also allowed the Deliveroo team to engage in hyper-local experiences, like visiting a local alpaca farm. “The visit to the alpaca farm was particularly impactful for team building. Spending time in nature with people who work closely with animals was enlightening. Our team interacted deeply with the farmers, who proudly shared their stories and values,” Maurizio recalled.

The activities during the offsite were not just fun but also had a social impact, enhancing team bonding and understanding of diverse life perspectives. An evening spent with local miners and shared meals provided an informal yet profound exchange of cultural and personal values, which Maurizio described as a memorable highlight. “Sharing these experiences was incredibly genuine. We met real people, very welcoming, happy to see an international company choosing to spend time in their village.”

Visiting Alpaca farm

Engaging with local communities

Engaging with the local community not only enriched the team’s understanding but also allowed them to view their colleagues in a new light, fostering a unique bond that enhanced team cohesion. “This interaction highlighted the importance of empathy and understanding diverse cultures within the workplace, crucial for building a strong, cohesive team,” Maurizio added.

Reflecting on the broader impact, Maurizio emphasized the offsite’s role in aligning with the company’s corporate social responsibility goals. “Smartway’s commitment to supporting local, small businesses and its sustainable approach to team building showcased a model of corporate responsibility that resonates with modern corporate values.”

Deliveroo’s team engaging with a local entrepreneur

Measuring the impact of your retreat

The Deliveroo Italia team’s experience in Santa Fiora stands as a testament to the profound impact that thoughtfully planned, community-engaged company offsites can have on team dynamics and local engagement. Maurizio concluded, “The primary goal of enhancing team cohesion was visibly achieved. The unique blend of activities allowed for relaxation and enjoyment but also facilitated a deeper understanding and appreciation of each other’s roles and personalities, significantly boosting morale and overall well-being.”

This case study exemplifies how a carefully selected location and engaging activities tailored to a company’s values can transform a standard offsite into a powerful tool for team engagement and positive influence on local communities. Maurizio’s insights underline the success of the offsite, driven by a focus on authenticity, sustainability, and meaningful interaction, making it a model for future corporate retreats.