Company offsite adventures: Settanta7 Group


settanta7 group company offsite

A journey of beauty and team spirit at Settanta7 group’s offsite

In the heart of the lush Piedmontese hills, overlooking the majestic Alps, Settanta7 Group, an architecture firm guided by beauty, functionality, and sustainability, embarked on an epic two-day adventure. “We spent two enchanting days among the beautiful Piedmontese hills with a view of the Alps,” reflected Settanta7 Group, emphasizing the enchanting setting of their company offsite at the historic Castello San Sebastiano Po. This event was more than just team bonding; it was a grand reunion for Settanta7’s employees from across Europe, uniting them in a setting that mirrored their shared passion for architecture and beauty.

The picturesque landscape of the Piedmont region, with its undulating hills and panoramic Alpine views, provided a backdrop of natural splendor and architectural wonder. The choice of Castello San Sebastiano Po, a site steeped in history and architectural majesty, was deliberate – a place where the fusion of past and present would inspire creativity and a sense of unity among the diverse team members.

castello san sebastiano po company offsite

A day full of fun, strategy, and team spirit

Upon arrival, the air buzzed with excitement as 106 participants from across Europe, speaking both Italian and English, converged at this enchanting location. Some Italian members, embracing the spirit of adventure, even arrived by bicycle, setting the tone for an offsite filled with energy and creativity. The diversity of the group, encompassing various cultures and languages, added to the richness of the experience, creating a tapestry of perspectives and ideas.

The event kicked off with a morning meeting session, where, as Settanta7 Group recalls, “we reflected on the challenges and successes of individual teams over the past year and planned future moves to reach exciting new goals.” This session was not just a review of the past but a forward-looking discussion, setting the stage for a day of engaging activities that would reinforce the group’s collective vision and goals.

But it was the afternoon’s strategic photo treasure hunt that truly captured the essence of the day. Ten teams roamed the castle’s historic and architectural marvels – from the neogothic greenhouse to the serene belvedere, engaging in a spirited competition that fostered collaboration, strategic thinking, and a new level of trust. The activity was designed not just for enjoyment but as a metaphor for the Settanta7 Group’s work – navigating through complexities, uncovering hidden gems of ideas, and collaboratively building towards a common goal.

Celebrating team effort in style

As the sun set over the rolling hills, casting a golden hue on the castle’s ancient walls, the teams gathered for a well-deserved dinner, embracing local culinary traditions accompanied by glasses of fine wine in a local tavern. This was a moment for the team to unwind and reflect on the day’s experiences, sharing stories and insights in a relaxed atmosphere.

The post-dinner award ceremony in the greenhouse was transformed into a warm celebration of collective efforts. “Every laugh, every challenge overcome, and every new connection has helped strengthen our team spirit,” shared Settanta7 Group, highlighting the deep impact of these moments. It was a testament to the power of shared experiences in forging stronger bonds and a more cohesive team.

Reflections and farewells

The day after was a time for reflection and informal bonding over breakfast. As the team gathered, there was a palpable sense of accomplishment and camaraderie. Settanta7 Group left Castello San Sebastiano Po with a renewed sense of unity. “This weekend was not just an opportunity for fun, but also a valuable investment in our team,” they reflected, acknowledging the lasting value of the offsite.

Crafting a unique company offsite

The offsite at Castello San Sebastiano Po was more than just an event; it was a testament to the power of well-planned team bonding experiences. Our role in crafting this unique experience was about more than just selecting a breathtaking location. It was about understanding and aligning with Settanta7 Group’s core values.

“Special thanks to Smartway for the impeccable organization of the entire event,” praised Settanta7 Group, recognizing the effort and dedication that went into making this company offsite a perfect blend of beauty, fun, and team spirit. This event not only served as a memorable getaway but also as a catalyst for future collaborations and innovations. It was an embodiment of Smartway’s commitment to creating experiences that resonate on a deeper level, fostering both personal connections and professional growth.

As Settanta7 Group looks to the future, the memories and bonds forged at Castello San Sebastiano Po will serve as a cornerstone for their ongoing journey, a journey marked by creativity, collaboration, and a shared commitment to excellence in architecture. The offsite wasn’t just a retreat from the everyday grind; it was a celebration of the spirit that drives Settanta7 Group – a spirit of innovation, artistic expression, and collaborative success.

As the participants dispersed, returning to their respective locales across Europe, they carried with them more than just fond memories. They took back new insights into their colleagues’ perspectives, a greater appreciation for their collective strengths, and a reinvigorated enthusiasm for their shared mission. This event was a powerful reminder of the synergies that can be achieved when a group of talented individuals comes together in a setting that both challenges and inspires.

A legacy of inspiration and collaboration

In conclusion, the event was more than a company offsite; it was a milestone in Settanta7 Group’s journey. It showcased how thoughtfully curated experiences in extraordinary settings can not only rejuvenate teams but also reinforce and redefine their collaborative ethos.

As Settanta7 Group continues to make its mark in the world of architecture, the lessons learned and bonds formed during this offsite will undoubtedly fuel their creativity and collaborative spirit. The success of this event underscores the importance of taking time to connect, reflect, and celebrate achievements, setting the foundation for future triumphs.